Transit Hub

Redhook Transit Terminal

Brooklyn’s Redhook is a neighborhood shaped by tensions: residential and industrial, past and future, transit proximity without easy access. IKEA’s recent arrival and replacement of a dry dock signals and catalyzes change in Redhook. To better service the neighborhood, a dock between the IKEA and Fairway is being re-imagined as a park and transit terminal.

At only 5000 conditioned square feet and 32 feet in height, the transit
terminal does not compete with its much larger neighbors (IKEA &
Fairway) in size. The design achieves prominence instead by appearing as a beacon to the best way to travel Redhook: cycling. Pushing the augmented bicycle storage to the outer ring forms a second skin of ever changing density and composition. The transit hub’s appearance advertises, celebrates, and is unified with function.

The transit terminal will connect ferry, bus, and cycling routes. Programmatic requirements include ticket booths, waiting space, storage lockers, bathrooms, and bicycle storage. The hub also serves as a community destination adding a cafe and wi-fi lounge overlooking the park and port. The hub’s design consists of a programmatic core enveloped by bicycles.

A ramp encircles the programmatic core allowing for a shared circulatory
experience by cyclists and pedestrians. Proximities are carefully considered due to the distance a ramp requires. The most immediate and basic requirements of the transit hub are at ground level. Visitors with leisure time may amble up to the cafe and lounge above, enjoying the views of changing filtration.


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