Voids denote public entry along Subway-Pier route

Inside but outside. Students ramp down and turn into the colorful atrium. Threshold welcomes.

The roof is cut away to form sunken terraces creating private, outdoor space within the public, indoor space of the atrium.

GEODE: A Vo-tech Highschool

Community issues in Sunset Park Brooklyn include employment, waterfront access, physical severance by the elevated highway I-278, and crowded schools. This is a proposal for a vocational technology highschool for about 800 students at the cross of 2nd Ave and 58th st, adjacent to the Cass Gilbert designed Brooklyn Army Terminal and its enormous parking lot.

Like a geode: The vo-tech highschool’s design attempts to surprise students and community passersby. From a distance, the rigid block building blends with the context. Upclose, the school surprises as the shell breaks along the street to reveal a dynamic colorful interior. This contrast sends the message that it is what is inside that is valuable in an industrial district: the magic is in the making.


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