Left: Maple Seed Pods – A female maple tree was chosen as the central element for its visible cycles, its spinning seed pods echo the design. Middle: Recovery in Posture – Suspension, Incremental Progress, Standing Firm. In the process of recovery we are intially supported by others, suspended and held. Then we make incremental progress towards standing strong again. This process translates into design elements: hammocks, porch swings, wood-slat walks and stairs.

Eddy: A Maggie’s Center by the Highline

Maggie’s centers are for anyone affected by cancer; they are places to assist with information, coping, and community. A new proposed Maggies center is adjacent to New York’s busy elevated park, the Highline. This design seizes the adjacency as an opportunity to remind passersby that disease is a part of life. Cancer is an eddy: a counterflow. The building then acts not as a node, but as a reorienting guide on the path to recovery.

The eddy functions symbolically, functionally, and formally. Symbolically, it is a counterflow to the Highline’s dominant flow, suggesting sickness as a part of life. Functionally, the form creates a flowing experience through indoor, outdoor, intimate, and social spaces. Formally, the continuous loop is anti-hospital and anti-grid. It is natural and embracing.


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