Suggesting Rest

Suggesting Rest

Rest is lounging, reading, taking a break. Rest means kicking your feet up and looking up at the sky. The North lawn of Union Square is a peaceful contrast to the bustling market and sidewalks at the edge. Seating is currently limited to uncomfortable tables and chairs surrounding a central monument. A far more intriguing and restful space is beneath the tree canopy.

The angles of our proposed sculptural seating promote rest by posture and suggested views – primarily that of the light filtering through the tree leaves above. Perforations on the steel imitate this interstitial space. At night, lights beneath the seating shine up through the steel to remind passersby of the restful daylight condition.

To create the perforations, a photo of the filtered light was digitally outlined. The resulting image was then selectively traced by hand to a reduced customized complexity. Transparency, shelter, stability and comfort were controlled in each panel. The overall product is imagined an adaptable system with changing folds, site interactions, and perforations.


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